It's the middle of the night and your car breaks down. Maybe you have your kids sleeping in the back or maybe you're alone, but either way, you need someone to be there for you. That's what we do at D & S Automotive & Wrecker. We are towing specialists on call and ready to address all of your medium and light duty towing needs! We've got the equipment to get the job done such as flatbed wreckers and tow trucks. So, if you've been in a wreck, broke down or just need a helping hand, don't delay on calling us! Our wrecker experts have the skills and drive to handle even the most difficult towing situations. If you need assistance now, call us at (405) 282-2886!

Towing a van

Light & Medium Duty Towing

From cars to trucks and SUVs, we're more than ready to handle all your light and medium duty towing needs! We can even tow small motorhomes! Big or small, we've got the trucks and equipment to haul away just about any type of vehicle.

Flatbed and Wheel Lift Towing

Sometimes you can't avoid having a tow, and while it's stressful, you don't want to cause yourself more of a headache by trying to do it yourself with an uninsured trailer. Instead, call the experts! With D&S Automotive you get a company that not only provides exceptional, fast towing services, but you deal with a company that genuinely cares. We've got flatbed wreckers that house plenty of room for broken down vehicles and have also mastered the wheel lift towing technique. If you're unfamiliar with this kind of towing, it refers to essentially binding our equipment to the two front or back wheels of a vehicle and hauling it away.

We work hard to arrive quickly and without delay so you can get back to your life. Leave it to our wreckers to assist you!


For when you just need an extra push, we offer winchout services. Whether you find yourself stuck in the mud or a ditch nearby, we can lend a hand with our winching services! Let our guys easily recover your vehicle so you can get back on the road with ease!

Roadside Assistance

From dead batteries to gas tanks on empty, for all your most dire situations, D & S Automotive & Wrecker is here! We've got you covered from A-Z when it comes to roadside assistance. Our team offers round the clock roadside assistance when you need it most including lock-out assistance, jump-starts, fuel delivery and tire changes.

Lock-Out Assistance

While we're not a locksmith, we're licensed and more than capable of getting you back into your vehicle! Hey, it can happen to anyone. Locking yourself out of your car that is. But not to worry. We can safely get into your vehicle so you can get back to your day, stress-free.

Tire Changes

Possibly the most prevalent of all issues on the road is flat tires. Blowouts can happen without notice and flat tires usually occur when you least expect it. If this happens, don't panic! Call our team and we'll have your tire changed in no time!

Fuel Delivery

Sometimes, you just don't realize how low you are on gas until your car sputters to a stop. When you need it most, call D&S Automotive! We'll bring fuel to you, put it in and get your vehicle started again in no time.

Jumpstart Services

Dead batteries are just a part of life, but you don't have to let it ruin your day. Call us today and let our professionals handle it! We arrive on the scene to jump-start your ride quickly, and if there happens to be a bigger issue causing the trouble, our mechanics get to work!

Flatbed towing a vehicle

Towing a white truck

Black tow truck



Our goal is to minimize your hassles and get you back on the road as quickly as we can.