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If you have been a licensed driver very long you have probably had the chance to drive in bad weather. I don’t know what it is that makes four wheel drive owners want to be a tow truck for a day, but it always happens. Every time the weather turns bad some owners of four wheel drive vehicles just can’t wait to get on the highway and play wrecker man. Some charge to pull people out, some do it for nothing to prove their testosterone levels. Just remember that these guys are not pros and may cost you a lot more than they save. One reason not to let them pull you out is because in Oklahoma as well as a lot of other states it is illegal to tow vehicles unless you are a licensed wrecker. Depending on the patrolman’s frame of mind, somebody might get a fat ticket or maybe get impounded if he happens across one of those operations. Does Bubba and his truck have any safety equipment? You know, the flashing lights etc. that makes everybody slow down and look so they don’t run over you. Is Bubba insured for this type of operation? Who is going to pay if he hooks onto the wrong thing and pulls a bumper or fender off? Most of these guys don’t have a winch that slowly and evenly pulls your vehicle out. Oh no, their weapon of choice is the nylon strap. They hook it onto your vehicle and the other end on yours then they accelerate and hit the end of the strap and it jerks on your vehicle. Sound like fun? What if Bubba jerks you out into the path of an oncoming car? When he hits the end of that strap, things are out of control and will stop when the force of it runs out. If you find yourself on the end of a strap hanging on for dear life just think about how much cheaper Bubba is instead of a trained professional.

You could end up like a recent case in Minnesota. Bubba put a steel hook on the end of the strap. When he hit the end of it, the hole he was hooked into ripped out. The steel hook shot out and went through the back glass of the truck, busted the driver’s skull and caused him major brain damage! The person doing the pulling was first to file suit against the driver stuck in the ditch. Isn’t that the way it goes? Most are looking for somebody to blame for their stupidity. Experts testified that the hook had more velocity than that of a bullet out of a gun when it came loose. The driver who was stuck ended up with a judgment of several million dollars against him. Ford Motor Company also had to pay because the lawyers said if they had used better metal in the vehicle the hook would not have came loose. The judgment was later reduced by 25% because they decided that Bubba might have been a little stupid for doing what he did. You think so?! I am sure that case will end up in the stupidity hall of fame right next to the one where the woman sued Mcdonalds because SHE spilled HER coffee.

Next time you are tempted to let Bubba and his buddies help you out, ask yourself. Is it really worth it?

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